Welcome to possible worlds! While we develop our custom online shop especially for you, we’d love to introduce our vision & share what we’re all about.

We offer one-of-a-kind handcrafted items, such as specialized gifts, functional pieces, & thoughtful artwork.

The possible worlds approach to making & crafting is three-fold, which will be categorized on our shop pages:


perennials showcase items that are regularly crafted with love & care, & are available to you with minimal lead time.


one&dones offer uncommon items that exist as they are and are likely not to be cyclically made. These offerings include heritage month celebratory pieces, thematic collections, & experimental processes.


tailored treasures invite you to add your own flair & care to the making process, where we’ll chat about you or the gift recipient & collaborate on customizations such as style, sentiment, hue, material, size, & function. This results in a truly unique piece made by our hands and infused with your intention.

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