Nice to meet ya!
Hi there! Grace here, owner of Possible Worlds. We offer an assortment of thoughtful handmade crafts & wares - including ceramics, crochet, embroidery, & stationery. Most importantly, our pieces are crafted with intention and love, especially for you.
Who’s Grace?
Grace (she/her) is an avid maker based in NYC. She works in the diversity, equity, & inclusion space by day & works on her creations every chance she gets. It’s funny - each labor of love influences the other in unexpected & fulfilling ways.

Now, & even in her younger years, Grace often considers a dizzying number of possibilities as she navigates the path of life ahead - possibilities for her, those she loves, & the world writ large. So it seemed only fitting that when she opened her own shop, she honored her philosophical nature with the name, Possible Worlds.
What’s in a name?
Rooted in modal logic and Leibnizian philosophy, a ‘possible world’ is a complete & consistent way the world is, could be, or could have been.

When Grace first encountered the concept in her undergrad years, she found the theory of possible worlds provides a playful & poignant way to make sense of this life.
Who’s that bear?
Well, it’s Winnie-the-Pooh Bear, of course! When she was very small, Grace received a fluffy teddy bear from her Aunt Angie that she named Pooh Bear. Over the years, this bear became worn with love; adventures near and far led to the gentle, wise face you see peering over the shop’s name. Not only has this bear been Grace’s most steadfast companion, Pooh serves as our logo to honor all of the ways Aunt Angie has shared her love of creating with Grace.

Grace hopes this shop invites you to think outside of the norm & embrace the childlike wonder of learning, exploring, making, & cherishing.